Support the International Viola Competition “Città di Cremona”!



This year the Associazione Italiana della Viola (Italian Viola Society) is organizing the 43rd International Viola Congress—for the first time in Italy!

The Congress is entitled “Connecting Cultures and Generations.” Our main objective is to foster communication among new generations from different cultures and encourage the musical growth of young violists.

Among the numerous events we have organized is the International Viola Competition “Città di Cremona,” of which the preliminary round has attracted a great number of highly qualified young violists from the world over.  We believe in the importance of giving monetary prizes to the three winners in recognition of their talent and preparation.

The semifinal and final rounds will take place in Cremona on October 4 and 6. The final round will include performances with orchestra. Even though we have an impressive group of partners and prestigious patronage, funds are limited and insufficient to cover the needs of the Competition.  

Would you take an active part in promoting the competition with a contribution? Could you pass the information along to others who also believe in the importance of promoting musical excellence among the new generations?

Here is the link to the crowd-funding we have launched:    

We have already received over €1000 but are hoping to reach €20000. Please help!

Thank you for your support,

Associazione Italiana della Viola Board of Directors

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