Letter from the Host of 43rd International Viola Congress

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

We are very excited about hosting the first International Viola Congress to be held in Italy in Cremona, a fascinating town with a rich artistic and musical history. Loved by string players, Cremona witnessed the development of violin making resulting in modern stringed instruments. The contemporary Cremonese luthiers and the flourishing violin makers’ school and the Violin Museum are internationally recognized.

The Municipality of Cremona, the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona and the Museum of the Violin are collaborating with the Italian Viola Society (Associazione Italiana della Viola) for the success of the 43rd International Viola Congress, which proposes an extraordinary program for its participants and audiences. It will be a unique event of the highest level with a focus on musicians of the younger generation, contributing to the richness, vibrancy and diversity of contemporary musical life, leaving a lasting impression on participants and audiences from around the world.

The congress will provide the Italian Viola Society with a context in which to fulfill its mission of offering support to young talents, promoting viola performance and research on the viola, the expansion of its repertoire, the development of viola pedagogy, and collaboration among violists with the goal of enriching all areas of knowledge of the instrument and improving viola standards. We are delighted to to hold the 43rd International Viola Congress focusing on “Connecting Cultures and Generations” in Cremona October 4-8, 2016.

We are planning to present the finest international musicians in collaboration with young violists, viola teachers and chamber ensembles performing standard, new and recently rediscovered viola repertoire in outstanding artistic events, and warmly invite viola students, teachers, orchestra members, chamber musicians, soloists and amateurs to contribute to the success of the Congress with their proposals and participation.

Situated not far from the Milan airport, the town is within easy reach for international travelers. Well known for their hospitality and excellent cuisine, some of Cremona’s best hotels and B&B’s will be offering special rates for our participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Cremona!

Associazione Italiana della Viola

Firenze, 2 giugno 2015

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10-065 Yale School of Music

Kugel palazzo4-1 sala-maffei

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